Need a Compere?

                                    Fancy a Karaoke Party?

                          Cabaret a speciality.  (Classic Tunes)

                          Or  the  '
Songs of the Beatles'  Show?

                              Whatever your Entertainment needs, give the bald bloke a call.
                                                      All equipment can be supplied;
     Amplifiers, EQ Speakers, Mixing Desk, Computerised Karaoke, Mini Disc, CD, Microphones etc etc
                               Completely Self Contained, if required. All I need is a bit of leccy

Eliot has lived and worked as an Entertainer in Tenerife since 1994 at a variety of venues, mainly in the South and considers it home, as this is the longest he has ever lived in one area, having always traveled, even as a child as his Dad was in the Royal Air Force.

After spending most of the past 16 years doing various residencies in the south he has now spread his wings to encompass not only compere work but has now ventured into the Karaoke market plus he has 2 cabaret shows.

One is a mish mash of all his favourite songs from such varied acts as the Rolling  Stones,  Queen, Billy Joel, Dire Straits and many more, the other is a tribute to his favourite band of all time, The Beatles.

A full sound system can be supplied, if needed, and an up to date computerised Karaoke system

Available for covers, resident entertainer's nights off or Cabaret.


Telephone:   (34) 922 703223
                  (34) 634 320283